FOM_LOGOFRIENDS OF MAN is a rock music project and the main live band of Dean Ranel who is the producer, songwriter and main instrumentalist. Friends of Man was formed in 2004 after Dean released ‘Friends of Man, Songs For Humans’ LP. This debut release was compared by press and peers to Bowie and Lou Reed, whose music Ranel was able to take the best parts of and make them his.
Friends of Man music draws influences from various styles of garage, psychedelic rock and dark pop.
The lyrical content ranges from fantasy concepts, extraterrestrial off world activity, underground cities, to songs of love, hope and freedom.

Dean’s new LP With A Rock and Stone, featuring members of Friends of Man band is available here and at most digital retailers. Check out the Friends of Man shop tab to buy music.

“It was like standing at the feet of Lou Reed”
Faster Louder AU

“Some of the finest music to come out Australia in over 25 years”
Indie Initiative AU

“The song ‘It’s The Way’ is a hit for a generation”‘
Radio OCI Spain

“We swore it was like Bowie singing with Split Enz”
Losing Today UK

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